BeatStreet Books (Formerly SOHO Books)

We were originally established in 1993 in New York City for the purpose of producing a photo book depicting the developing SOHO district. That book - SOHO, NYC - was produced in limited edition (3,000 copies) and sold out the following year.

Since, we have produced 3 more limited edition books, many gallery exhibitions, and a poetry jazz combo - NAKED JAZZ - we will at times feature on this site.

See covers of our four books below.

The book - Street Art NOIR - is our latest book, and this web site is our second site, cousin to our very popular first site - - home to hundreds of street art graphics in full color, including graphics from our last book - new american street art. The site you are on now will be more expansive in showing more different kinds of art, and a bit "darker".

And we welcome queries, comments, and submissions that fit the attitude.

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