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"Street Art never looked more exciting."
"A great new perspective."
"A visual trip worth taking."

The book was designed to take you on a visual trip - sort of a symphonic slide show - to evoke the rhythm and range of emotions of a "noir" film. The images are dark, urban, mysterious, sensual, at times frightening, all in a tongue-in-cheek, entertaining way. The images are based on street art photographed recently in American and West European cities. Though originally in full color, the images have been computer modified into high contrast black & white graphics, to increase their noir-ish impact. (See 27 sample images below.)


Publisher: BeatStreet Books    Photographer/Imagery: Bob Edelson*    Pub. date: July, 2008

Trade Paper Back, 108 pages, 90 large scale graphics. ISBN: 9780963552822 MSRP $20

* Bob Edelson's photo imagery has appeared in many books & print publications throughout the world.

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